2nd Annual Halloween Multi-Mash OC-6 Race crew list added

Here is the crew list:  link

2nd Annual Halloween Multi-Mash OC-6 Race
Back by popular demand, it’s the 2nd Annual Halloween Multi-Mash OC-6 Race.

The race is a free FUN! multi-leg, multi-sport outrigger race for FCRCC members.

The distance is about 6.5 km and should take under 50 minutes.
Heat 1:  11:30 am (Meet @ 10:45 am)

Canoe 1
Barb Bancroft
Amanda Hunt
David Treacher
Rick Walkey
Gail Oliver
Ken Warkentyne (steer)

Canoe 2

Sarah Glazzard
Judy Walkey
Shamus Menard
Tom Oliver
M. Alice Pury
Lori Velisek (steer)

Canoe 3
Suzanne Petrie
Cathy Marr
Allan Birtles
Dan O’Leary – change in Heat
Oliver Wu
Selena Soo – change in Heat

Canoe 4

Daniela Girard
Nestor Navasero
Ruth Jacobsen
Norm Merkli
Pam Evans
Linda Warren (steer)

Heat 2:  1:00 pm (Meet @ 12:30 pm)

Canoe 1
Lyenne Lawrie
Jo Phillips
Jeff Turgeon
Ole Christiansen
Donald Downing
Mimosa Bryant (steer)

Canoe 2

Pam Watts Cornall
Barb Baker
Nicole Hofs
Dom Mok
Ronald Chin
Linda Warren (steer)

Canoe 3
Vi Woods
Lee McGovern
Kenneth Ang
John Ng
Ruth Haenisch
Audrey Tait (steer)

Canoe 4

Rosalyn Grady
Sheryll Dale
Antoine Petit
John Lofthouse
Bob Shields
Lesley Rigby (steer)

Please read the full description of the race in the Race Info document here:


There will be no “spares”,  so if you find out you cannot race, either change your response on the Doodle before Wednesday, October 28, 2015 or e-mail us @ false.creek.outrigger@gmail.com


Please e-mail:  false.creek.outrigger@gmail.com