Aviva Community Fund – Towards a new dock in Alder Bay RESULTS

We’re sorry to share the news today that our Alder Bay dock replacement project was not selected as a finalist in the Aviva Community Fund campaign. Our nearly 9000 votes was not nearly sufficient to get us past our competition from across Canada. A BIG thanks to the nearly 400 of you who DID vote on our behalf, and shared our campaign as it went along. It is disappointing news to all of us–the dock replacement is a central capital investment that our club needs, and winning a grant of this size would have been a huge financial shot in the arm.

As you all know, making it to the finals was strictly based on getting votes. SO… what can we do differently next time? We want to hear from you! What stopped you from voting? What stopped you from sharing our campaign with others? With our nearly 1,000 members, we clearly didn`t manage to reach you all in a way that was meaningful. Since we`ll be calling upon you again in future, when we remount this campaign next year (We don`t give up that easily!), we`d REALLY like to know what we need to do to get you to participate!

We are looking forward to engaging ALL paddlers the next time around, and having you all lend your support, voices and influence in our task of bringing our club into the future. We are an integral piece in the puzzle of health and well-being in Vancouver, we deserve to have our facilities improved, making our docks more accessible, safer, and hopefully, larger, for all! We NEED your support in future to make sure we get what we deserve! In the meantime, the next time you`re down at the club, struggling to get a coach boat down to the water, picking a splinter out of your foot, or grumbling about having to wait in line to get on the water, remember: YOU have the power to help