The CORA Cup results have been finalized following an exciting weekend of racing at Gibson’s BC.  See the attached document for all the results.  Well done, FCRCC!

CORA – Canadian Outrigger Racing Association

The top CORA Cup Crews were:

Open Men:
Ho’okela Men 1 (False Creek)
Open Mixed: Penticton Mixed (Penticton)
Open Women: FGPC Gorge Outrigger 1 (Fairway Gorge)
Masters Men: Jericho 1 (Jericho)
Masters Mixed: Pacific Reach Masters Mixed (Pacific Reach)
Senior Masters Men: FGPC Gorge Outrigger 1 (Fairway Gorge)
Senior Masters Mixed: Just for Kicks (Nanaimo Canoe and Kayak)
Senior Masters Women: ORPC Senior Masters Women (Ocean River)
Golden Masters Women: Ohana Spirit (False Creek)