Dragon Boat Team Registration for 2015 season

FCRCC Dragon Boat Teams 2015 season

It’s that time of year once again!!  The FCRCC Dragon Boat Season runs from January 2015 through to December 2015.  Teams may choose to practice for a full year time slot or a partial year from January to June OR July to December.

Team Registration:

The Dragon Boat Team Registration Form is once again available online.  Please register your dragon boat team by following this link.

If this is the first time you have used the Registration system, be sure to select the NEW USER button.  If you have previously used this system with the same email address you will be a RETURN USER.  The ONLINE ACCOUNT button is used when you want to go back into the system and review previous activity, edit previous information or make a payment.

At this point in time, we are not offering an online credit card payment option.  Please come to the FCRCC office and make your payment by cheque or cash.  (If the office is not open, you may leave an envelope at the False Creek Community Centre main desk where the FCRCC has a mailbox.)  The Dragon boat team will receive up to 3 keys for the FCRCC equipment sheds.

The full Dragon Boat Agreement will be signed during the on line registration process.  The on-line agreement has one important update that is not yet posted on our website.  (the web site form will be updated soon) This is:

1.6 “Every team will be responsible for tidying the kayak/DB shed once during the year. This is a quick task involving such tasks as sweeping out leaves, picking up garbage and hanging life-jackets and paddles that have been left around. The Dragon Boat Rep will contact each team’s representative to schedule their team’s turn.”

It is important to be familiar with all aspects of this agreement.

You must submit your paper version of the Team Roster (included on the Dragon Boat Agreement). Paddlers who are not Individual members of FCRCC will need to complete a paper waiver which must be submitted to the FCRCC office.  No teams may practice without completing the Registration process, submitting their Team Roster and completing waivers for each paddler.  A deposit of at least 50% of applicable team fees must be paid prior to your first on water practice.

Team Practice Schedules

You may reserve your practice slot now.  A team that has a 2014 practice slot has priority on their current slot(s) until December 1, 2014.  After that date, all slots are considered open and will be allotted to whoever registers for them first.  Slot reservations may be made commencing November 1st by completing the on line registration and making a deposit of at least $100.00.  This fee is non-refundable but will be applied towards the team fees.

It is important to specify the number of dragon boats you will be booking at each time slot. The assumption is that only one boat will be needed per Registration.    If you require more than one Dragon boat per practice be sure to register the second boat as well.



  • Online Registration form and Dragon Boat Agreement completed
  • Practice slot(s)secured by payment of at least a $100.00 deposit – prior to December 1st for guarantee of last year’s time slot
  • Team Roster completed and submitted to FCRCC office prior to first practice
  • Payment of at least 50% of applicable fees paid prior to first practice
  • Team Waivers completed and signed prior to any member going out on water
  • March 8th, updated Roster submitted to FCRCC office
  • March 15th, final payment due (teams with Individual members receive 5% discount per paddler)
  • Team Waivers submitted to FCRCC office throughout paddling season
  • Rosters updated and submitted as required throughout paddling season
  • If a coach boat is required, the person driving the boat must submit a copy of their small boat operating license to the FCRCC office prior to using the coach boat.

Please see Dragonboat Team Membership for additional details.

If you have any questions about the Registration process for Dragon Boat Teams, please be sure to contact Sheryll Dale, FCRCC Club Administrator (admin@fcrcc.com) or Coco Lau, (dragonboat@fcrcc.com) FCRCC Dragon Boat Representative.

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