FCRCC 2018 Calendar contest – time to submit and vote for those great FCRCC photos

FCRCC 2018 Calendar – The website for submitting your photos is now up and running!
You have had lots of opportunity to take great action shots over the last weeks. This year, we want to see our Athletes featured!! This is a FCRCC fundraiser!

1. Entry fees are a suggested minimum donation of $10.00 per photo.
2. An individual may submit more than one photo; however each entry must be of a different person or group.
3. If different photos are received of the same person or group, only one photo will be considered.
4. Photos submitted must be FCRCC members; however, voting is open to everyone.
5. Donations made in support of a person are valued at one vote for every $1.00 donated.
6. The thirteen (13) people (12 months and one cover) with the most votes on September 15th, 2017 at 8:59 pm PST will win the chance to be featured in the 2018 “Paddlers of FCRCC” calendar.
7. By entering the contest, you will also acknowledge and give permission to FCRCC to use the name, story and photo of the person(s) entered in future various publications and materials, including the 2018 “Paddlers of FCRCC” Calendar.
8. FCRCC reserves the right to disqualify an entry based on objectionable content or depiction of the person(s) in a photo. The registration fee will be not be refunded. Donations collected will be refunded if requested by the donor.
9. Please see Image Requirements section for photo details.
1. Photos must be high quality, taken at maximum resolution, 300 DPI, minimum 4-megapixels and in a generally accepted file format. (Please note: most phone photos will not meet these standards.)
2. Photos submitted for the calendar must contain human subjects, who should be present in no less than 2/3 of the frame. Landscape format is preferred.
3. Please ensure that the photo is sharp and in focus with a clean background.
4. Group photos are allowed.
To get full details of the contest and to submit your photos select the following link: