Welcome to the newest boat in the FCRCC fleet, our Tempest 2 person outrigger canoe.

Our new OC2 is housed at the Burrard compound and ready for use.  Patti Lawson will be holding orientation for those individual club members that wish to paddle this boat.  We would like to see anyone who plans to use the boat outside of a program and a rep for any program who may be using it for training at this orientation.  The program Rep will be responsible for the proper orientation of their group.

FCRCC Core Outrigger Programs have priority use of the OC2 during program practice time.  If the OC2 is not in use 10 minutes after a program is schedule to begin it may be used by Club members.  Any FCRCC Individual member may use the OC2 outside of scheduled program time.  Both individuals paddling must be full members of FCRCC.  This boat must be reserved for races such as Big Chop etc keeping in mind the usage by the Outrigger programs at that time.

Orientation will take place on two occassions

When:  Saturday December 9th at noon and Sunday, December 17th at 10 am

Where:  Burrard compound

This boat is more delicate than some of our current club boats.  We will need to treat it with extra special respect and care.  It is a requirement that the paddler have a proper orientation prior to using this boat.  Enjoy!