Race Development OC6 – Starts new season this weekend

The FCRCC Race Development Program's regular practices resume this coming Saturday, Jan 23rd.  There will be 12 coached practices, every Saturday duringthe Winter period of the Program: Jan 23rd thru April 9th.

A planning meeting will be held before that first practice, 9 - 10 AM in the FCCC (check in the Club office for room number when you arrive).  Agenda: review RD's purpose & goals, introduce the coach, set practice times, deicide which race(s) we'll go to in the Winter period, explain fees, ideas/suggestions for April onwards, anything else we have time for.

Then the practice: from Burrard, 10:30 to ~ Noon.  We'll use OC6s & OC4/OC2, depending on how many people show up.

The tentative coached-Program fee is $120 (for the 12 practices), but it may be lowered, depending on how many people join the Program.

Sign up for the meeting here: http://doodle.com/poll/2tttfgs6kmiakdh6

If you want to come to the practice too, and you're not on the current RD Roster (on Team Snap), please add a comment saying you'll be at practice.