Race Development

The Race Development Outrigger Program is designed for people interested in improving their outrigger paddling skills and endurance and in racing in the various shorter-distance races around the Greater Vancouver area and nearby regattas.
Adults of any age who have completed an introductory outrigger course (such as FCRCC Novice OC6 Program) or who have equivalent outrigger experience are most welcome to join us.
We have 3 practices per week during the Spring, Summer and early fall time periods. This includes Monday and Wednesday evening (on water 7:30 to 9:00 PM) and Saturday morning (on water 10 AM to noon). In the colder, rainy months, we usually cut back to just 1 or 2 practices per week. (Saturday plus one week night)
Also, from May through August, we coordinate our week night practices with the Novice OC6 Program, for larger numbers (any practice with more than 1 boat tends to lead to a bit of racing) and to assist the Novice coach as well as learn a few tips from him as well!!
We use the FCRCC’s OC6, OC4 & OC2 boats, located at the club’s compound at the Burrard Civic Marina lot, on Whyte Avenue, next to Vanier Park and launch the boats from the dock next to the Canadian Coast Guard station.
We will occasionally set up group workout sessions and Orientation sessions for newer members, in the FCRCC’s solo (OC1) boats, launching at the Alder Bay dock at Granville Island.
RD paddlers must be full Individual Members of the FCRCC. If you are an experienced outrigger paddler, you can come to a couple of our practices to try us out at no charge or you can join for a one month trial membership ($60.00, for first timers only), which will be credited to your full FCRCC membership, if you decide to join the club.
For more information, and/or to sign up, contact admin@fcrcc.com.