CKBC Fall Training Camp (Nov 8-11, 2014) - Burnaby, BC

Level 4 – Training to Compete

Junior Development II (14+ years)

This program will focus on developing advanced canoe and kayak skills, competitive development and refining skills under race conditions, building strength, speed and endurance, and effective goal setting.  Paddlers are expected to attend both on-water and off-water practices, as well as train on their own according to a provided training schedule.  Athletes are also expected to attend the majority of regattas throughout the racing season as defined during the pre-season’s goal setting period with the coaches.


  • Level 3 – Training to Train
  • have a positive attitude and willingness to learn, ask questions, and improve
  • willingness to participate in a variety of training (both coached and un-coached)
  • intermediate boat skills (comfortable doing long workouts outside of Alder Bay)

Group Goals

  • enjoy sport and demonstrate sportsmanship and teamwork
  • proactive in learning more about the sport, goal-setting, and assessing training and competition
  • advanced boat skills – canoe/kayak skills, balance and boat control, wash riding
  • aerobic capacity, endurance, strength, speed – paddlers at this level will be given a weekly training program
  • race planning
  • effective goal setting
  • develop healthy nutritional habits and time management skills
  • a variety of regattas

Spring/Summer Program (April – Sept 2018)
  • Practice Schedule:
    • Monthly training programs will be provided to athletes
  • Regattas:
    • April 21 – BC Cup #1 Regatta – Burnaby Lake
    • May 5-6 – Season Opener Regatta – Whonnock Lake, Maple Ridge
    • June 9-10 – Ted Houk Regatta – Green Lake, Seattle
    • June 20-24 – National Team Trials – Montreal, QC
    • June 30-July 1 – Sprint Canada Cup – Regina, SK
    • July 14-15 – Provincials / Nationals Qualifiers – Shumway Lake, Kamloops
    • July 28 – Ridge Invitational Regatta – Whonnock Lake, Maple Ridge
    • Aug 25-Sept 1 – Canadian Nationals – Sherbrooke, QC  (Level 4s who qualified)
    • Sept 8-9 – Pacific Cup Regatta – Whonnock Lake, Maple Ridge
    • Oct ?? – Fall Training Camp