Full-Member Dragon Boat Teams

A group of twenty or more Full Members of FCRCC who have formed a Dragon Boat Team may apply for Full-Member Dragon Boat Team status.

A Full-Member Dragon Boat team may book, at no cost, up to three prime-time FCRCC Dragon Boat practice slots per week, subject to all normal practice slot booking rules and policies.

The Team may also use Club OC6s, in slots not needed for Outrigger Programs requirements.

From the time of application through the rest of the current FCRCC Membership year, at least twenty paddlers on the Roster of such a Team must be Full Members of FCRCC (the “basic twenty”); additional paddlers, the Coach, Steersperson and Caller must be either Full or Associate Members of FCRCC.

  • An exception may be made, at the discretion of the Club Executive, for the Coach, Steersperson and/or Caller if they never paddle for the Team, and they do not use any Club equipment aside from the Dragon Boat and associated equipment (steering oar, drum, safety gear, etc.).
  • In this circumstance, the affected Coach, Steersperson and/or Caller must complete, sign and submit the FCRCC Membership Form and Waiver.

Team Members on the “basic twenty roster” of any Full-Member Dragon Boat Team may not be simultaneously included in the “basic twenty roster” of any other Full-Member Dragon Boat Team.

See the Dragon Boat Team Agreement for full details, including the Safety and Equipment Usage Rules regarding the use of the dragon boats.

To apply, register your team on line at the following for the Dragon Boat Team Registration.