Paddling at Night

Night Paddling rules are in effect all year round.

The following is required when paddling at night (Sunset to Sunrise):

1.  All paddlers:

Must wear, or mount on the boat, a non-flashing (“solid”) white light which is clearly visible all around the boat.

This is in accordance with Transport Canada’s requirements for Navigation Lights: for “Human-powered Pleasure Craft”, a solid white light, visible 360° around the boat (see also the complete Safe Boating Guide, pages 40-43).

2.  For Coach boats:

The bow (front) of the boat must have a red light on the Port (left) side, and a Starboard (right) green light; the stern (back) of the boat must have a white light.

This red/green/white directional-lighting is in accordance with TC’s “Power Boats under 12m” category .

3.   All paddlers require a partner when paddling in the dark – no solo paddling!

4.   Do not paddle West of the Burrard Street Bridge