A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Winter Paddling

Winter rules are in effect from October 15th to April 15th.

  1. ALL PADDLERS USING FCRCC BOATS MUST WEAR Transport Canada APPROVED PFDs during both daylight and evening hours.
  2. Paddlers venturing West of the Burrard Street Bridge must stay within 50 m of shore at all times.
  3. There is no paddling when the temperature is below 0’C (including wind-chill) or when there is ice on Alder Bay. Personal risks of slips and falls because of ice on ramps and docks, risks of damage to equipment due to ice sheets on roadways, walkways, and ramps, and equipment damage because of extended cold periods are considerably higher now than normal. Even when temperatures rise above zero degrees, there should be no paddling when there are ice sheets across which you need to transport boats: the risk of you slipping and falling and damaging yourself or club equipment is too high.
  4. Novice paddlers:

i) Must paddle in pairs at all times


ii) May not venture past the Burrard Street Bridge unless accompanied by a qualified FCRCC coach, either in a coach boat or paddling