A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

False Creek Community Centre

FCRCC Membership – Individual or Dragon Boat – includes use of the FCCC’s facilities, including the change rooms, lockers, showers and saunas.

Note: please do not leave your wet gear to dry in the sauna

Fitness Center Discount

The False Creek Community Centre has an excellent fitness facility – including a couple of nice rowing machines customized for “paddling” work. FCRCC members qualify for reduced pricing when using the facility: the Drop-In fee, and the fixed-term passes (3/6 months, 1 year) are all lower-priced than the general-public adult rate.  Reduced pricing is not applicable to the 10/20 visit passes. Please check with the FCCC front desk for current “Corporate rate” pricing.

Note: if you’re in the Senior or Junior age category, please be sure to check those prices too – they may be less than the Corporate prices.

The Club’s office will confirm your FCRCC Member status, please be sure to have your club id ready to show.  Full info on the FCCC’s Fitness Centre can be found on their info page.

Meeting Rooms

FCRCC members and DB teams can book FCCC meeting rooms at reduced rates. Please contact the FCRCC office for details as only a limited number of FCRCC members may make the booking.

Note: the FCCC Fireplace Lounge may NOT be used for a meeting or warm-up!