Our Kids Summer Paddlesport Camp is a great way to introduce kids to the fundamentals of paddling in a fun and safe environment. The camps are taught by our NCCP Certified coaches, and consist of a lot of fun games and activities both on the water and off.  The kids will be introduced to a variety of paddling disciplines including dragon boat, marathon canoes, and canoe and kayak (the primary focus of the camp). They are a great way for kids to meet other kids in the community, learn about teamwork, grow in self-confidence, and most of all…have fun!  At the end of the week, each paddler will have acquired a new set of paddling skills and hopefully some new friends from the camp!


8:45 am – 3:15 pm

Participant Age

7 to 12 years of age


20 paddlers per camp – we typically split the paddlers into two groups that will alternate paddling and on-land activity times to help keep the groups small for safety.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the camp located?  (Signing in / signing out)

We are located just behind the False Creek Community Center (please see attached map of the area). At the start of every day, please sign in your kid(s) with the instructor in charge of attendance right by the wooden benches. In case you are running late, the kids will likely be starting off the day with a land game/activity on the grass area near the benches. Please find us there and sign in with one of the instructors. At the end of each camp day, when you pick up your kids, please make sure you have signed them out with the instructor in charge of sign outs.  We just want to make sure all the kids are accounted for.  We understand that some kids may be getting to and from the camps on their own so please let us know if that is the case so we know. Note: Please let us know if you will be missing any days / need to leave early, etc. so we know.

What should I bring to the camp?

Here is a suggested list of items to bring:

  • running shoes (in case they do some running on the grass, safer than running in flip flops)
  • paddling shoes / sandals
  • clothes to paddle in (e.g., wetsuit, athletic wear – shirts/shorts).  There is definitely a chance that the kids will get wet so something that is quick drying is recommended as opposed to cotton.
  • extra extra clothes to change into afterwards / during breaks if needed
  • jacket / rain gear – weather dependent
  • lifejacket (optional) – All kids will be required to wear lifejackets.  We have a lot of lifejackets at the club but if you have your own, you are welcome to bring it.  Please label it with your kid’s name.
  • a towel
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • a packed lunch
  • snacks
  • water bottle – there is a water fountain nearby if needed.  I recommend labelling the water bottle as well.
  • shower items – there are showers available at the community center if needed at the end of the day


How are the kids divided into groups during camp?

During the camp, we will divide the kids into groups, typically based on age, so that the kids can learn with other kids around their age.  However, we also know that many kids have signed up with their friends, so please let us know who they are so we can try to have them in the same group.  If there is a big age gap though, we will be grouping them with others around their age as we’ve found it quite difficult in the past to run effective camps when a, for example, an 8 year old wants to be with their 11 year old sibling.  We assure they will have more fun and learn more effectively with others their age.

How much time is spent on the water?

The day will be split up into 2 land sessions (games, other land activities) and 2 water sessions each day, and a lunch break midday.

What sort of fun do you do at the camps?

We play tons of games! In fact, everything we do has some sort of game element to it so that the kids have fun. So for example, we may teach them a new paddling technique, and then they have to apply that skill in a game of canoe tag or simon says or something. Our land games are all games that kids may have played before like Octopus, or even variations of soccer, etc. We may even play in the water park or playground if there is time.

What is your cancellation policy?

FCRCC Cancellation and Refund Policy