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Boat Storage

The club has limited facilities to store private boats (e.g. C1/K1/OC1/Surfski). Any available space may be booked by Individual Members of the Club, for $216/year. If you are wishing to store a boat in one of the boat sheds at Alder Bay or the Burrard Compound, please sign up online and indicate that you are requesting a new boat slot. Note that there is generally a waiting list. If you have registered in our system at any previous time, you should select that you are a Returning User and then enter your email address and password to access the system. […]

Flatwater Orientation

Paddlers new to flatwater will be required to complete a FREE mandatory equipment and paddling orientation session before using sprint boats (C1/K1/surfski) on their own. The boats are very expensive and extremely fragile. They are also used heavily by paddlers in the flatwater programs and at regattas and we want to avoid having boats damaged right before races as they are difficult to repair. A few members from the current sprint program will be available to help you get started. They will go over things like: equipment usage and care boat parts the difference between boats what boats you are allowed to […]

OC1 Orientation – mandatory before OC1 use

OC1 Orientation – Mandatory Have you been paddling in Crew boats – Dragon Boat, OC6 – and now want to paddle solo in an OC1 Outrigger boat?  Or are you new to the Club and want to start using our OC1s? Then you should sign up ASAP for one of our OC1 Orientation sessions.  Learn what equipment we have, how to rig it, care for it and paddle it – in a safe and supervised environment. Rules for Using FCRCC OC1s Before being allowed to take out any FCRCC OC1 on the water, paddlers must: Be a Full Member of […]

Membership Orientation

Club Members are expected to: Be familiar with and follow the club’s policies and rules Know how to take care of club equipment Help out by volunteering Treat all club members with respect Insure that everyone complies with the club’s policies and rules Report issues to the appropriate person Be a good ambassador for the club Who Can Answer My Questions? If you have a question or issue and can’t find an answer, see the Contacts page for the appropriate person to consult. Mandatory Equipment Orientation FCRCC members have access to a wide variety of boats, and it is important to […]

How to Join

Please note, the registration for the 2018/2019 membership year is opening soon. Select this link to register: This year, we are continuing to offer a Family Discount Individual membership.  To qualify for this discount, your son/daughter must have been registered in at least one of the following FCRCC Youth Programs: 3 or more weeks of 2018 CanoeKids summer camps 2018 Spring/Summer Youth Flatwater program 2018/2019 Fall/Winter Youth Flatwater program * Note:  One discount per adult individual membership Register for Family membership at this link: You will be redirected to the registration website, which will guide you through the […]


The FCRCC membership fees for the 2018/2019 membership year are as follows: *Note that membership fee rates will be determined at the AGM for the following membership year.  Registration for membership takes place after the AGM.  New membership year commences on November 1st.  Adults 26 years of age or over as of December 31st: Full year (November 1 – October 31st): $415.00 ($385.00 if paid by November 15th) If joining FCRCC for the first time, or if a former member 2 or more years ago, a prorated rate is available commencing with January rates. Select the “New member” option when completing the registration […]

How to Join

Register your team by completing this on line registration form.  This must be done before your first practice. Please review the online dragon boat agreement:  DB Team Agreement Final – Nov 2018 Be sure to request practices timeslot(s);  A team which has a current Agreement has priority on their current slot(s) until December 1st; after that, all slots are free, and will be alloted to whomever reserves or registers for it first. Available practice slots can be found by looking at the Dragon Boat practice schedule. Slot reservations may be made starting November 17th; by completing the on line Registration form and a paying a […]


Adult Team Fees – 2019 includes GST and FCCA Affiliate membership fees Practices/Week January — December January — June July — October 1 $1,764 $1,323 $992 2 $2,364 $1,773 $1330 3 $2,928 $2,196. $1,647 Junior and Senior Team Fees – 2019 includes GST and FCCA Affiliate membership fees There are lower fees for Junior (all paddlers 18 and younger) and Senior (all paddlers 55 or better) teams, if weekday timeslots before 5:40 PM are selected. Practices/Week January — December January — June July — October 1 $882 $662 $496 2 $1,182 $886 $665 3 $1,464 $1098 $824  *all fees include tax

Associate Membership

For adults who cannot train regularly at False Creek, but who wish to practice and race with a False Creek team (in any discipline), an associate membership is available for $220. The intent of the Associate Membership Policy is to allow programs to recruit paddlers in order to field crews for local and international racing within the Club’s recognized paddling disciplines. The fee for an Associate Member is set by the Executive, and approved annually at the AGM. Criteria: Primary training is done elsewhere Live beyond a daily-commutable distance* Must be a registered participant of an FCRCC program training for […]

Dragon Boat Teams

The DB Team membership is for teams wishing to practice in Dragon Boats on a regular weekly basis, and (if desired) to be able to use some of the Club’s small boats for their paddlers’ training programs, and/or for Time Trials. Full details are in the Dragon Boat Team Membership and Practice Agreement form, available for download here.  This form should be used as a reference only.  To register your team, go to “How to Join”  for a link to our registration system. Fees How to Join Benefits Teams who have one or more FCRCC Individual Members on their Roster qualify […]