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Boat Storage

The FCRCC has limited facilities to store private boats (e.g. C1/K1/OC1/OC6/Surfski). Any available space may be booked by Individual Members of the Club, for an annual fee. Fees:  2022/2023 Boat Storage fees due November 2023 Boat Storage Agreement 2022/2023 For current boat storage users: if you wish to continue to store a boat in one of the boat sheds at Alder Bay or the Burrard Compound, please sign up in our online registration system.  You will maintain the same boat shed and storage spot as last year. Any requests for changes to your boat slot space must go through the […]

Flatwater Orientation

Paddlers new to flatwater will be required to complete a FREE mandatory equipment and paddling orientation session before using sprint boats (C1/K1/surfski) on their own. The boats are very expensive and extremely fragile. They are also used heavily by paddlers in the flatwater programs and at regattas and we want to avoid having boats damaged right before races as they are difficult to repair. A few members from the current sprint program will be available to help you get started. They will go over things like: equipment usage and care boat parts the difference between boats what boats you are allowed to […]

OC1 Orientation – mandatory before OC1 use

OC1 Orientation – Mandatory Have you been paddling in Crew boats – Dragon Boat, OC6 – and now want to paddle solo in an OC1 Outrigger boat?  Or are you new to the Club and want to start using our OC1s? Then you should sign up ASAP for one of our OC1 Orientation sessions.  Learn what equipment we have, how to rig it, care for it and paddle it – in a safe and supervised environment. Rules for Using FCRCC OC1s Before being allowed to take out any FCRCC OC1 on the water, paddlers must: Be a Full Member of […]

Membership Orientation

Club Members are expected to: Be familiar with and follow the club’s policies and rules Know how to take care of club equipment Help out by volunteering Treat all club members with respect Insure that everyone complies with the club’s policies and rules Report issues to the appropriate person Be a good ambassador for the club Who Can Answer My Questions? If you have a question or issue and can’t find an answer, see the Contacts page for the appropriate person to consult. Mandatory Equipment Orientation FCRCC members have access to a wide variety of boats, and it is important to […]

How to Join

Registration: To register for FCRCC membership, please click here Be sure to read the information on the new registration system and membership categories. Click here for the membership categories Click here for the instructions for the new registration system Click here for the instructions on how to register multiple boat storage slots Note: For Junior paddlers registered in the Youth Sprint program – Please note the junior membership is accounted for in the Youth Sprint program fees. FCRCC Photo Identification Club Card All club members are now required to show proof of club membership when taking out equipment, obtaining reduced prices […]

Membership categories and fees

Membership categories Members select the membership they require depending on the type of boat they will use.  These boat selections are prorated for NEW members ONLY.  All members must pass the proper orientation before using a club boat. Outrigger Crew Boat Access – allows access to OC6, OC4 and OC2 boats Small Boat Access – includes OC1’s (i.e. C-Lions, Mito, V-1), Marathon Canoes and Surfski Canoes. All small boats must be booked in advance using the FCRCC club boat booking system. All Boat Access: allows access to all club boats   Register Now! by ACTIVE Network FAQ I only paddle OC-6, […]

How to Join

Register your team by completing this on line registration form.  This must be done before your first practice. Please review the online dragon boat agreement:   DB Team Agreement – March 2020 Be sure to request practices timeslot(s);  A team which has a current Agreement has priority on their current slot(s) until December 1st; after that, all slots are free, and will be alloted to whomever reserves or registers for it first. Available practice slots can be found by looking at the Dragon Boat practice schedule. Slot reservations may be made starting November 17th; by completing the on line Registration form and a paying a […]

Dragon Boat Team Fees

The FCRCC year runs from November 1 to October 31. The year is split into 5 seasons: Full Year – Winter (Nov 1 to Oct 31) Winter (Nov 1 – Feb 28) Spring (Mar 1 – Jun 30) Summer (Jul 1 to Oct 31) Half-Year – (Mar 1 – Oct 31) There are two types of FCRCC dragon boat teams; the Dragon Boat Only teams and the Club Member Dragon Boat teams. All teams set their own team fee in addition to the FCRCC fees. The FCRCC 2022/2023 Dragonboat Fees are as follows (GST will be added to all fees):  A Dragon Boat Only team […]

Dragon Boat Teams

The DB Team membership is for teams wishing to practice in Dragon Boats on a regular weekly basis, and (if desired) to be able to use some of the Club’s small boats for their paddlers’ training programs, and/or for Time Trials. Full details are in the Dragon Boat Team Membership and Practice Agreement form, available for download here.  This form should be used as a reference only.  To register your team, go to “How to Join”  for a link to our registration system. Fees How to Join Benefits Teams who have one or more FCRCC Individual Members on their Roster qualify […]

Individual Membership

Individual memberships are for people interested in training for competitive racing in dragon boat, outrigger or flatwater. Visit Current Courses and Programs page and click on Register for more information and to buy your membership. Boat storage registration to be available soon. Benefits membership rates to FCRCC programs and events priority registration to FCRCC programs and events Regular communication about club programs and events Access and use of FCCC facilities and Discounted access to FCCC fitness room Discounted room booking rates at FCCC if booked through FCRCC Club discounts with our partners and sponsors Boats and Equipment Members may use […]