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FCRCC Premier

FCRCC Premier is a dragon boat team that also trains and races OC-6. As such, our OC-6 training focuses on working toward a specific technical template that transitions well between dragon boat and outrigger.  Our level of abilities is diverse from dragon boat paddlers who are new to outrigger to outrigger World champions.  We are welcoming of non-dragon boat paddlers who wish to paddle OC-6 with us providing they are FCRCC members, come with significant prior OC-6 experience, support our culture and are accountable to attend practices they sign up for. Unfortunately, we do not have enough resources to welcome […]

Small Boats Coaching

The Small Boats Coaching (SBC) program is a series of stroke improvement courses organized by FCRCC, for the benefit of FCRCC members. The program runs throughout the year and covers all types of small boats – e.g., OC1, V1 (Rudderless OC1), K1, and others. The courses offered are in part subject to demand, in part to availability of coaches. Specific courses will be announced on the website’s front page (under News). Cost is set as needed to break even. The length of most courses is typically 4 – 5 sessions, once per week. The maximum class size depends on the […]


NOVICE OC-6 IS BACK FOR 2019 If you’ve never paddled in an outrigger, or lack confidence in your paddling abilities, the False Creek Racing Canoe Club Novice Program welcomes you to learn basics of paddling technique, boat safety and outrigger culture! This is a co-ed program open to adults of all ages, and is coached by experienced FCRCC outrigger paddlers. Through this program, you will learn outrigger paddling technique (no paddling experience necessary), develop paddling fitness and be introduced to Hawaiian culture. It is a lot of fun! Once you have completed the novice session, we encourage you to advance […]


Kupuna = Revered Elder (Hawaiian) This group of “Golden Masters” (age 55+) have been paddling out of FCRCC for about seven years. We practice twice a week – Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. Our primary objective is to improve our fitness and skill level, to allow us to compete at a high level for our age group. Leading our training is our Head Coach, Patti Lawson. When Patti is not available, Kamini Jain fills in Although most of the Kupunas have paddled for several years, we are most anxious to welcome new paddlers in our age group to this very […]

Senior Outrigger – HULIgans

Senior Outrigger Senior Outrigger – Huligans The Huligans are a fun-loving bunch who paddle Monday and Thursday mornings rain or shine. Though we are primarily a seniors group (50+), we welcome folks of all ages. Our emphasis is generally on fitness and recreation, but we train for, and participate in, several local races every year, sometimes venturing to such exotic locations as Vancouver Island. Our program includes periodic coaching sessions with internationally-known paddling coach Kamini Jain. To paddle with the Huligan team you must be a member of the False Creek Racing Canoe Club. There is also an annual team […]

Senior Women

The FCRCC Senior Women’s Outrigger program is a developing competitive program for senior women who want to excel at outrigger paddling. The program demands commitment, determination and a team perspective.  The team is coached by a qualified coach for 3 sessions per month along with a focused practice plan for the remaining practice sessions. The program started out as the team “Ohana Spirit”. As expressed in the team name, “Ohana Spirit”, this group values respect for one another and honours the connectedness that comes from training, racing and sharing a passion for paddling. “Ohana”, the Hawaiian word for ‘family,’ reminds […]

FCRCC Tanifa (RD)

FCRCC Tanifa About Us Our program is for people interested in having fun while improving their outrigger racing skills and fitness. Anyone who is a full individual member of False Creek Racing Canoe Club (FCRCC) and has completed an introductory outrigger course such as the FCRCC Novice Outrigger Program, or who has equivalent outrigger experience, is welcome to join us. Program Structure and Goals FCRCC is a racing canoe club, so a focus of our program is training for races that happen mostly between March and Sept. We take part in races around Metro Vancouver, other parts of British Columbia, and […]

Mixed Distance

This program is for experienced paddlers who wish to race competitively in the increasingly popular mixed-gender OC6 distance races. Generally practice twice a week in OC6 and at least one OC1 workout, plus regular time trials to measure progress. Please visit http://www.md.fcrcc.com/ for info

Hardy Bus Chickens

The primary intent of this group is to race Mixed. This group continues to be open to paddlers who want to race hard and can take on the responsibility of their own fitness. Paddlers with high levels of paddling experience, strong blending abilities, and high-performance expectations are welcome to try out for this group. We practice at least once a week together but would like to find 2 consistent time slots that our members can use for training. There are no time trial requirements but members are encouraged to attend any club wide time trials, schedules permitting. This group will […]