False Creek Racing Canoe Club

A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Dragon Boat Team Rental Fees

Dragon Boat Team Rental Fees

  • includes up to 26 rostered members per boat
  • additional members may be added for $63/person

Age Categories

Adult – 24-59 | Youth – under 24 | Senior – 60+

*gst will be added to rental package fees

Club Member Dragon Boat teams

This category is available to teams requesting this designation. Currently the only teams in this category are

  • Premier
  • Masters
  • Senior C

Each team member must buy either a Club Member Dragon Boat membership or an All Boat membership.

Club Member Dragon Boat teams have access to:

  • Up to three scheduled dragon boat practices/week.
  • Booking one dragon boat with 16 members and a second boat with 28 members.
  • Use of club OC-1’s for team-run time trials (up to five/year) and club time trials. All members must fulfill orientation and huli requirements for OC-1 use.
  • Use of club OC-1’s for overflow numbers at practice, when not otherwise scheduled and users hold all boat access memberships and fulfill other use requirements.
  • Extra dragon boat practices (in available times); up to six without an additional charge with a charge of $63/practice after six.
  • OC-6 access for team practices in scheduled practice time (for members with All Boat Access Memberships).
  • Coach boat use with the extra charges as indicated in the Seasonal Coach Boat fee schedule.

Dragon Boat Only teams

These teams rent FCRCC dragon boats.

  • These teams use only dragon boats, the team does not use any other club boats.
  • There are discounted fees for U24 and 60+ teams. To receive the discount, 90% of the team roster must fall into the age category.
  • Additional dragon boats can be added to a booking during the year and be priced according to the FCRCC fee schedule.
  • Roster size is up to 26 people per dragon boat with a charge of $63 for each additional person (including steerspeople and drummers) up to a total of 30 people.
  • The dragon boat rental fee covers up to 26 members on the roster, including drummers and steerspeople, and will provide them with access to using a dragon boat during their scheduled time slot(s).
  • This 26-member roster will be called a “single crew”. Each of the 26 members will be called a “dragon boat member”.
  • The coach boat is available to these teams with extra charges as indicated in the Seasonal Coach Boat fee schedule.