OC1 Orientations and free one hour coaching session

July 11, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Summer OC-1 Orientations plus free one hour coached sessions the following day

All paddlers using the OC-1 and other club equipment must be individual members of the False Creek Racing Canoe Club and must undergo a formal orientation to the club equipment. Paddlers must have club photo id to participate. The main purpose of the orientation is for safety reasons to ensure the paddler can recover from a huli and to ensure the proper care and usage of the boats.

The orientation to the C-Lion is for any member who has not received any previous and recorded orientation on this solo.  If you sign up for the OC-1 orientation YOU MUST ATTEND THE FREE ONE HOUR COACHED SESSION THE FOLLOWING DAY OR PRIOR TO BOOKING A BOAT.

The session will cover:

  • Access protocol to the West shed housing the c-lions, in boat booking hours
  • Protocol in returning the solo, washing and returning to the shed
  • How to rig and derig
  • How to carry the solo to the dock with 2 people
  • Covid protocol on the dock etc

Each participant must successfully do a Huli recovery.  Come with a change of clothes, paddle and PFD.  Free parking on Granville island.  The False Creek Community Centre is closed so there is limited access to washroom facilities on GI.

Day: Saturday, August 22nd

Time:  11:30am to 1 pm

Cost: FREE – FCRCC members only

Register on the doodle:  click here

For a copy of the orientation which you should read prior to attending click :  FCRCC OC1 Orientation_July_01_2020


The Free one hour coached OC1 paddle session will be held the following day after your OC1 orientation and huli recovery.

Dates:  August 23rd

********   Please note Time:  3pm to 4 pm ***********

Register at: click here

Participants should have their C-lion on the dock and rigged.  The following will take place:

  • Coach to check for correct rigging
  • Review of putting the boat in the water
  • Boat entry from dock
  • Review of basic paddling technique
  • How to maneuver the solo boat
  • Practice within Alder Bay
  • Returning boats to shed

Paddlers should bring their pfd, paddle and a change of clothes in the event of a huli

Paddlers are reminded that the False Creek Community Centre is not currently open so therefore access to public washrooms on Granville island is limited.

FCRCC members only