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FCRCC Alumni

Welcome to the False Creek Racing Canoe Club Alumni

The False Creek Racing Canoe Club has been in existence since 1985. The first North American Dragon boat team as well as the origins of the World re-known Abreast in a Boat teams all made their debut from our Alder Bay location.

Since that time in 1985 to the present day, the club has seen many World champions emerge. Many have gone on to form other clubs throughout the province and around the world.

False Creek Racing Canoe Club – Your Story

FCRCC is compiling its Club History. There is no better way to capture the dynamics of the club than you telling Your Story. You are the reason FCRCC exists and for its 37 years of fun and excitement.

Your voice, your memories, your story.  Here are some tips:

-your name- why and when you joined FCRCC- names of your teammates and coaches- what practices and races were like (rain storms, hail, heat, winds, waves)- travel to other countries, and so much more.

Bang out 200-400 or more words for your story. It’s your memories.

We all love photos. So why not send us a photo of your  paddling days.

Doing some  travelling? Pack an FCRCC jersey and send a photo of yourself along with where you are, near or far.

We will share Your Story on this web page and in time Your Story may be part of FCRCC Written History. 

Questions or Your Story can be sent to: Gary Cohen, Alumni Committee Chair garycohen3725@gmail.com

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