The FCRCC Vancouver Va’a Outrigger program is made up of a diverse group of paddlers ranging from 19 to 70+ years old, and from varied backgrounds such as nurses, lifeguards, teachers, students and many other occupations. Members come to the program with varying athletic backgrounds, with some looking to be highly competitive while others look for the chance to compete and meet new friends.

Our Future

The FCRCC Vancouver Va’a Outrigger Program creates an atmosphere which unites members’ common interests in perpetuating and participating in Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing at its highest competitive level. With some of the best outrigger coaches in Canada and a friendly atmosphere, our program has proven itself to be one of the more dynamic and winning programs in Canada.

Competition and racing are the backbone to training at the FCRCC and we promote a team based practice environment that has multiple boats (OC1 or OC6) going head to head on every piece.

Our Mission is to improve the paddling skills of our members while promoting the ancient cultural traditions and Aloha Spirit which embodies the sport of Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Racing, and in doing so encourage our members to grow from recreational paddlers to competitive racers.

We will use time trials as our primary crew selection tool but if paddlers are close in times, the coaches will take into consideration the following to make crew selection:

  • Attendance
  • Blending and
  • Seat suitability

Practice times (on the water):

Monday & Wednesday @ 6pm and Saturday @ 9:15am

If you feel this program would be a good fit for you and would like more information please contact us.

Our Facebook Page is FCRCC Women’s and Men’s Outrigger Program.