Associate Membership

For adults who cannot train regularly at False Creek, but who wish to practice and race with a False Creek team (in any discipline), an associate membership is available for $220.

The intent of the Associate Membership Policy is to allow programs to recruit paddlers in order to field crews for local and international racing within the Club’s recognized paddling disciplines.

The fee for an Associate Member is set by the Executive, and approved annually at the AGM.


  • Primary training is done elsewhere
  • Live beyond a daily-commutable distance*
  • Must be a registered participant of an FCRCC program training for a specific goal

*  to determine if you live beyond our daily-commutable distance, see the following map:

The respective program must apply, on behalf of the paddler, to the appropriate discipline representative, to determine whether the paddler qualifies.  If so, the Associate Membership Application should be filled in, and submitted to the Executive for approval (at the next regularly-scheduled Exec meeting).

If the application is approved, it will be returned to the applicant, and must be submitted along with the Individual Membership Form and payment to the Club Office.