Boat Storage

The club has limited facilities to store private boats (e.g. C1/K1/OC1/Surfski). Any available space may be booked by Individual Members of the Club, for $275 plus GST per year.

If you are wishing to store a boat in one of the boat sheds at Alder Bay or the Burrard Compound, please sign up online and indicate that you are requesting a new boat slot. Note that there is generally a waiting list.

If you have registered in our system at any previous time, you should select that you are a Returning User and then enter your email address and password to access the system. If you wish to pay by credit card, the entire process can be completed online. If you wish to pay by cash then indicate that you will pay later and bring or send your cash or cheque to the FCRCC office.

If you have more than one boat in storage, you will be asked to complete the process for each boat. You will sign the boat storage agreement online. 

To preview your Boat Storage agreement read but do not complete this document:  Boat Storage Agreement 2020

To register and pay for boat storage you must click here.

Please contact our Club Administrator for questions about boat storage.

Please note that this year all boats being stored at the FCRCC must have a sticker which identifies the year, boat shed and boat slot number.  This can be picked up at the FCRCC office and it must be displayed on the back left side of the boat.   We are expecting a wait list for boat slots.  If a member sells their boat, the vacated slot goes to the next person on the wait list.