A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Dragon Boat Teams

The DB Team membership is for teams wishing to practice in Dragon Boats on a regular weekly basis, and (if desired) to be able to use some of the Club’s small boats for their paddlers’ training programs, and/or for Time Trials.

Full details are in the Dragon Boat Team Membership and Practice Agreement form, available for download here.  This form should be used as a reference only.  To register your team, go to “How to Join”  for a link to our registration system.


  • Teams who have one or more FCRCC Individual Members on their Roster qualify for a 5% discount, per Member, on Team fee
  • Additional single practices at $50 each, on an as-available basis. All extra practices must be within the registered Active season and booked in advance
  • The use of one FCRCC Coach Boat during the specified Practices, on an as-available basis. The coach boat must be booked in advance. There is an additional fee for the coach boat.
  • Membership in FCRCC as Dragon Boat Members for each person on the Team Roster
  • A team may begin practicing, even before January 1st, as soon as a completed Practice Agreement, with initial payment of Team fees, has been submitted
  • Any available timeslot may be reserved by a team for their regular practices, before submitting a Practice Agreement, for a fee of $100 (non-refundable, but can be credited to Team fees)
  • DB Team Agreement – contact the Dragon Boat Representative (dragonboat@fcrcc.com)

Dragon Boats

All the Club’s Dragon Boats (5 BuKs, 1 6-16) are available to all DB Teams.  Up to three DB practice timeslots per week are available to each team (or 3 slots/crew for teams with more than one crew, who register and pay as multple teams).

Dragon Boat Season

The practice season runs from January 1st through December 31st of each year.  A full year of practice timeslots may be chosen; or instead, timeslots from January to the end of June, or from July through December.

Coach Boat

Dragon Boat Teams may book one of the Club’s three Granville Island coach boats (see club policy) for use during practices and Time Trials.

False Creek Community Centre

DB Team Members may use the FCCC’s change rooms, lockers, showers and saunas, and get discounts on the user fees in the FCCC’s Fitness Centre

Teams can rent FCCC meeting rooms at the reduced rates, if the rental is done through the Club Office.

Please refer to the FCCC Information page for room details.