A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Membership categories and fees

New membership fees

At the Annual General meeting, a new fee schedule has been implemented for the 2021/2022 year.

2021-2022 FEE SCHEDULE

Boat Use Categories

Members select the membership they require depending on the type of boat they will use.  These boat selections are prorated for NEW members ONLY.  All members must pass the proper orientation before using a club boat.

  • Small Boat Access – includes clions, hukis, V-1, marathon and surfski boats. All small boats must be booked in advance using the FCRCC club boat booking system.
  • Outrigger Crew Boat Access – allows access to OC6, OC4 and OC2 boats
  • All Boat Access: allows access to all club boats
  • Trial membership:  a one month membership after which a club membership must be purchased to continue using club boats.
  • Boat storage for private boats.  The club has limited storage for its members private boats.
    • All registration for a boat storage spot must go through the Club Administrator first. 
    • The Club Administrator will assign the boat storage spot.
    • You must be a FCRCC member to store a boat in our compound. If you have no Boat Use Membership you MUST buy a Boat Storage Membership.  
    • The member will sign a Boat Storage Agreement as part of the registration for storage.

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  • I only paddle OC-6, I will never want to paddle any other club boat
    • Membership choice: Outrigger Crew Boat Access
  • What categories should I select to paddle a huki or a marathon canoe?
    • Select Small Boat Access (you could also select All Boat)
  • I have my own boat and I would like to paddle OC6 and store my boat at the club.
    • Select Outrigger Crew Boat Access
    • Select boat storage (if you select All Boat Access, the boat storage fee is reduced)
  • I want to be able to access all club boats
    • Select  All Boat Access