A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Membership Orientation

Club Members are expected to:

  1. Be familiar with and follow the club’s policies and rules
  2. Know how to take care of club equipment
  3. Help out by volunteering
  4. Treat all club members with respect
  5. Insure that everyone complies with the club’s policies and rules
  6. Report issues to the appropriate person
  7. Be a good ambassador for the club
Who Can Answer My Questions?

If you have a question or issue and can’t find an answer, see the Contacts page for the appropriate person to consult.

Mandatory Equipment Orientation

FCRCC members have access to a wide variety of boats, and it is important to know how to safely and appropriately set up and handle each boat before use.  To use any of the Club’s small boats (OC1, OC2, K1, C1, Marathon canoes, Surfskis), all Members must first partake in an Orientation session on that particular boat type, before they may use that boat unsupervised:

In order to use crew boats (DB, OC6, Flatwater – warcanoe, K2/K4, C2/C4), members participating in a team program will receive instruction during the program on the care and maintenance of team boats and other equipment used in the program.