A multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling club on Granville Island

Flatwater Orientation

Paddlers new to flatwater will be required to complete a FREE mandatory equipment and paddling orientation session before using sprint boats (C1/K1/surfski) on their own. The boats are very expensive and extremely fragile. They are also used heavily by paddlers in the flatwater programs and at regattas and we want to avoid having boats damaged right before races as they are difficult to repair.

A few members from the current sprint program will be available to help you get started. They will go over things like:

  • equipment usage and care
  • boat parts
  • the difference between boats
  • what boats you are allowed to use
  • basic technique
  • what to do if you fall in the water

They will also be keeping track of those who are attending the orientations, so if they feel you require another session, then they may suggest you do so. Likewise, if we see paddlers on the water who have not completed the orientation, then they will be asked to do so.

Note: After the orientation, you will be allowed to paddle the type of boat you were oriented in.  e.g., doing an orientation in kayak means you can take out designated club kayaks but not canoes.  And vice versa.  You may come back to another session to do an orientation in the alternate discipline.   If you are doing your orientation in a surfski, that does not mean you may take out kayaks because they are completely different.  You must come back to do another orientation specifically in kayak.

Paddlers will also be recommended to join our Intro to Sprint Canoe and Kayak program where you will receive weekly coaching.

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(see Adult Intro to Sprint Canoe and Kayak for schedule: https://www.fcrcc.com/programs/sprint-canoe-kayak/adult-paddling/)