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Coach boat booking and protocols

Inflatable Coach Boat Use and Protocols


The inflatable coach boat is moored at Sea Village this year.

It is moored behind House #10, the third dock.


  • Must have a Pleasure Craft Boat License with a copy on file with Administration.
  • The coach boat must always be booked and scheduled through Administration.  Only coaches registered with Administration can access this coach boat.   The coach boat schedule is posted on website at:  https://fcrcc.com/schedules/coach-boat/
  • To book the Inflatable Club boat all users must have an updated orientation with Susan Mott or a confirmation by Susan you are approved to use this boat.
  • There is a fee for use of coach boats. (fees currently under review)

Protocols for entry and use during COVID

  • Access to Sea Village is by code to the door. The code will be communicated to you once you are confirmed to have access. This code is private and must not be shared.
  • 1 coach only to access the boat.
  • Always wear a mask while on the docks until you have left Sea Village.
  • Please paddle the coach boat out of its slip and do not start the engine until on False Creek in front of the houses.
  • Each coach is responsible to fill both gas tanks so they are ready for the next person.
  • Gas for the coach boat will be kept in the East Cage or you can fill the tanks at the floating gas station, False Creek Fuels, under the Burrard St. Bridge.
  • Administration has a list of who can charge for fuel. This list has been confirmed with False Creek fuels.  If you cannot charge for fuel, please pay for the fill-up and send the receipt to admin@fcrcc.com for reimbursement. See separate list of members who can charge gas at False Creek Fuels (Club account is:  False Creek Canoe Society)
  • Advise Repairs it the boat needs cleaning or pumping up.
  • On returning the Coach Boat to Sea Village; raise the engine up out of the water, turn off the battery and replace the cover.
  • Report any operational issues to repairs@fcrcc.com.
  • Please remove any garbage from the boat.

See separate lists for:Coaches who can boat and access inflatable coach boat

Revised:  March 2022