NEW: Fall Boat Reservations & Staffing

Fall Boat Reservations & Staffing

As of Saturday, September 19, the number of time slots available for reservation will be reduced.

Here are the reasons for the changes:

  • Our Canada Summer Student grant ended September 4. This grant covered a large portion of wages for our summer dock staff as well as the instructors for the youth flatwater programs. Due to decreased revenue, the club would not be capable of absorbing the cost of staffing at summer levels.
  • We must continue to follow the COVID-19 regulations, rules, and procedures set by Provincial and City authorities so require staff and/or volunteers be present to ask the COVID questions, track boat usage, and monitor the equipment sanitizing and cleaning.
  • As of this week, 75% of our current dock staff are not able to work as many shifts due to school and work commitments. Our first ad for new dock staff brought in one applicant, who also attends school. The early reservation timeslots are the hardest to staff.
  • It is getting darker in the early mornings and evenings. As the season changes, with the current schedule, we have serious concerns about safety for the early and late dock staff shifts. As an employer, we must provide a safe work environment for our staff.
  • With enough volunteers, we could schedule a volunteer to work alongside staff for each early and late shift. This would add a layer of safety and mitigate some of the risk but finding volunteers for the early morning hours has been difficult.
  • The change in weather in the Fall usually results in a drop in people wanting to paddle. We already see a decline in the demand for weekend afternoons. Boat reservation times need to adjust to reflect this change in demand.
  • The FCRCC encourages and supports those of our athletes training and trying out for National teams. The early boat time slots are mostly used by these athletes. However, without adequate staff and volunteers, we will have to reduce these times due to safety concerns.
  • Finally, the Community Centre reopened on September 8 for limited, controlled use. We must limit our washing stations setup, so we do not block emergency exits. This may not be a reason for a reduction in reservation time slots, but it may restrict and reduce the number of boats going out at the same time.

Please direct any questions to:

Click here:  Reserved Boat Schedule V6