Boat reservation system

***Club Boat’s Reservation System for next week will begin to open at approximately 10:00 am this Wednesday.
Club Boats Reservation Schedule Changes:
Per recommendations received from some of our members, we will be making another change to the reservation schedule. Time slots that would have members paddling in the dark will now be upgraded to have 4 boats available. By combining two 2-boat sessions into one, it would allow for more paddlers to be on the water at the same time and could keep an eye on each other or even paddle together.
Revised schedule is attached so you may plan ahead. New schedule will be effective this Saturday, November 14.
Cold Temperature Shed Closures:
Your Dock Crew and Execs are closely monitoring weather conditions on a daily basis. When possible, closure recommendations are reviewed the afternoon before and a decision made to open or close the following day. Those reservations affected by our decision will be notified immediately by email. If you do not hear from us but would like to opt out of your paddle session, you may cancel your reservation without penalty, either by using the link in your confirmation email or by emailing the dock crew at This would allow us to adjust our staffing hours accordingly.
There may be borderline cases where we are not able to make a definitive decision the day before. On these days, it will be up to the dock staff on duty to determine whether the ramp and docks are safe for use. Please respect their decision. They have all been trained on what factors determine the launch platforms to be safe to use.
Solo Paddling and Paddling in the Dark:
A reminder that Winter Paddling rules are now in place which states:
  • PFD’s must be worn at all times
  • Venturing West of Burrard Street Bridge, paddlers must stay within 50m off shore at all times. These paddles may only take place during daylight hours.
  • No paddling in Club boats when temperature is below zero degrees (including wind chill) or when there is ice on ramps, docks or on Alder Bay.
  • Novice paddlers must paddle in pairs at all times and may not paddle West of Burrard Street Bridge unless accompanied by a qualified FCRCC coach.
Paddling in the dark rules are in effect all year round:
  • Transport Canada’s requirements for Navigation Lights: for “Human-powered Pleasure Craft”, a solid white light, visible 360° around the boat (see also the complete Safe Boating Guide, pages 40-43)  
  • All paddlers require a partner when paddling in the dark – no Solo paddling!
  • Do not paddle West of the Burrard Street Bridge
Water Shut Off – Club Boat Cleaning Procedure Change:
Due to the cold temperatures, the outdoor water supply has now been turned off at Alder Bay which means we will only have access to filling our water buckets when the Community Center is open. This prompted us to review our boat cleaning procedures and come up with an alternative. This new procedure became effective over the past weekend and will now be in place until our water is turned back on. Please read the attached document to familiarize yourselves with the new process.

Thank you

UPDATED_ Cleaning Procedures – V2

Reserved Boat Schedule V8