FCRCC Recognition Awards 2019/2020


FCRCC membership awards 2020 

The FCRCC membership awards were presented virtually at the AGM on Monday, January 18th.  Congratulations to those that were recognized by individual awards but of note is that all the members of FCRCC were also recognized for their contributions and leadership in this tough year.

  1. Recognition of an individual’s contributions to FCRCC – FCRCC EXECUTIVE AND CLUB ADMINISTRATOR
  2. Inspiration to members to contribute their energy and time to the Club – THIS AWARD WILL BE RENAMED THE JACKIE WEBBER – INSPIRATION TO MEMBERS award – JUDY COMER, LESLEY RIGBY, CATHY SMITH AND SUSAN TOURIGNY
  3. Creates a focus that enhances and encourages the principles and values of FCRCC – NORA CHUN
  4. Preservation of Club History – JOHNSON CHU
  5. Builds member pride in belonging to FCRCC – JACKIE WEBBER
  6. Recognition of a team’s contribution and leadership to FCRCC. – Recognition to all FCRCC CLUB MEMBERS
  7. Tam/Chin Award recognizes outstanding contribution and commitment to the False Creek Racing Canoe Club – SUSAN MOTT