Boat reservations week of April 17th

Hello Paddlers,
Latest Reservation Schedule: See attached document for latest schedule. Note: 6:15 am time slot on weekdays will begin on April 19th.
Reminder of Marathon Canoe Bookings:
Marathon canoe bookings will no longer be split between Marathon Canoe (A-Boat) and Marathon Canoe (I-Boat). You will find the one category of Marathon Canoe in the boat selection drop down. When making your booking, please specify in the Description box your paddle partner’s full name and the preferred boat (A-Boat or I-Boat).
Dock Congestion/Protect the Parts!
A reminder that in order to minimize dock congestion, please transport your boat from storage to the dock in the following order: 1) Ama and Iako then 2) Boat Hull. The reverse order should be applied when bringing your boat back from the dock to the washing station. This minimizes the amount of dock space taken up by your boat at any given time. Be ready and launch as soon as your boat is put together.
Always store your Ama and Iako in a safe location on the upper deck of the dock and not by the water’s edge. Leaving boat parts close to the water’s edge will get in the way of other paddlers launching or returning to the dock as well as create the danger of someone kicking the parts into the water. None of our Iakos float! They will immediately sink to the bottom. Protect these valuable boat parts as most are irreplaceable. Losing these parts will mean having to take the boat out of service.
TIP for boat bookings:
  • Make arrangements with your paddle partner before the system comes up and each person makes their own reservation into the time slot. This is faster than if you try to book for both of you.
  • Be patient! The system takes time to refresh. Clicking multiple times may cause a wrong booking to be made.
  • Avoid making multiple bookings on the same day to “hold” a spots on the schedule. This is not fair to other members and creates frustration for everyone.
Boat Bookings:
Small boat reservations for the week of April 17th to 23rd will be released Wednesday night at approximately 8:00 pm. Here is a link to FCRCC Boat Reservation System
When making bookings, please note the following information must be included:
  • Correct Email address – very important 
  • Phone number
  • if booking Marathon, your paddle partner’s full name in the comments box
You can check the reservations calendar to review your bookings at the FCRCC Reservations Calendar. Kindly be reminded that updates to this calendar are managed by a volunteer. If you don’t see your booking in the calendar, please check back at a later time. Please note that if mistakes are made during the registration process, we are not able to correct it for you. The only way to correct would be to cancel your reservation and rebook with the correct information. Kindly take your time and get it right.
If you have any questions or feedback about boat reservations, please contact us at
Be safe