The 6th Annual Halloween Multi-Mash OC6 Race

It’s back! 

The 6th Annual Halloween Multi-Mash OC6 Race

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

Heats starting at 1:00pm (one or 2 heats as necessary).


This is a fun 4-leg OC6 paddle, and for a few paddlers on each crew, push-ups, pull-ups, Russian twists or burpees, a short jog and a pumpkin grab.


Please sign up individually on this Doodle by Wednesday, October 30th:


Paddlers must be full individual FCRCC members to race.

Race crews will be rostered by race organizers to make even crews and to mix-up paddlers from different disciplines and programs.


The Race Course (6.5km) and detailed race information is available here:


We will circulate a revised link with rostered crews and heats on Friday, November 1st.  Watch your e-mail.

If you have to cancel after signing up, revise your Doodle entry before Friday, November 1st, otherwise your crew will be short a paddler!


Remember to bring your leftover Halloween candy!