Boat booking – October 7th to 14th

Notes for the week of October 7th  to October 14th
Hello members!
The reservation system will start opening for next week’s bookings in the morning at around 10:00am: FCRCC Small Boat Reservation System.
Notes for this week:
  • Huki Fleet – Removal from Reservations: With the cooler weather and colder water conditions, our Huki fleet is delaminating at a faster rate than we had hoped. To avoid serious damage to the boats, we will be removing them from the general reservation system and using the two remaining serviceable boats only for on-going programs where the boats are needed to fulfill our contractual obligations. We are working with a reliable vendor to have these boats refinished but the colder temperature makes the timing of this work unpredictable. We will provide updates on this work as information becomes available.
  • Schedule Change: For all reservation time slots, there will be available at least 2 C-Lions so that members may continue to train with at least one partner. Some time slots are shared with the Teva Nui (V1), Surfskis or Marathon Canoes for those who have been orientated and authorized to use these boats. With changing weather conditions, we will continue monitoring the usage of boats on a week-by-week basis and will adjust the schedule according to demand. See updated schedule attached.
  • Club 5K TT: Our next club TT is scheduled for this Saturday, October 9th. All boats have been reserved for this event. No reservations will be available.
  • Calendar view of boat reservations: we are pleased to provide you with a calendar view of boat usage and reservations for the next week. Note that this calendar is only updated once or twice each day so new bookings may take some time to appear. Please go to FCRCC Boat Reservations to have a look.
If you have any questions, have a suggestion or are having trouble with the system, please email us at and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
Have a great paddle!
False Creek Racing Canoe Club

Reserved Boat Schedule V7