Club 5km time trial – July 4th – including race results

Club Wide 5K Time Trials Summer Series

Club time trials are now being set for our summer –  lets get back on the water!

HEAT 1: 8a – 9a (Arrive at 7:30a to get your club boat)
HEAT 2: 10a – 11a (Arrive at 9:30a to get your club boat)
HEAT 3: 12p – 12:30p (Arrive at 11:30a to get your boats set up) Flatwater
HEAT 4: Flatwater
HEAT 5: Flatwater
Each heat will have time to rig and a short warm up paddle, so long as you are back 10 mins before the gun goes off at 8am to be able to line up, this includes private boat owners too. Please adjust your timing as necessary to be on time. If you are late, the heat goes without you!
Upon finishing your race, please bring your club boat to the washing station asap (where it normally is in front of the West shed) where you will then sanitize and wash your own boat, and hang it back up in it’s rack. We will try to keep the dock less congested as possible, with everyone keeping their distance from one another as well as much as possible.

Due to Covid protocols, there will be NO boat sharing, so the boats must go back into the shed after each heat, and different boats will be brought down by the next heat. Please listen to those working at the dock and shed for instructions. That being said, please don’t forget to bring a face covering as well.’  Have a great time trial!

Date:  July 4, 2020

Time: ~8:00 am – 2 pm

Cost:  FREE for all FCRCC members

Race Results:July 4th Club Time Trial Results