Dragon boat – Race Ready



Introduction To Dragon Boat – RACE READY

If you’ve ever wanted to paddle in a dragon boat and have that race experience but lack confidence in your paddling abilities, the FCRCC INTRODUCTION TO DRAGON BOAT – RACE READY Corporate Program welcomes you!!   This 4-week program will get you RACE READY for a local Event/Festival.  This program is offered 1x/week for approximately 1.5 hours and provide the opportunity to experience the thrill of preparing for a dragon boat race with like-minded individuals in a safe and supervised environment.  The dragon boat race experience is often a great way to develop new friends. Participants will be provided with PFDs and paddles. Dragon boats hold 20 paddlers, 1 steersperson and a drummer/coach. The sessions usually consists of preparation time on land followed by paddling on the water.
Dates:  May  through September

Location: False Creek Racing Canoe Club on Granville Island

To register, please go to the following link:  https://thriva.activenetwork.com/Reg4/Form.aspx?IDTD=7007642&RF=11711450