FCRCC end of year -good times to remember – here is what a few of our dragon boat members are saying….

From Linda M

I joined SrC a little over a year ago. They are a very established team and I have been made to feel welcome and a part of this family from the beginning. What inspires me about this group of men and women is their dedication to excellence and their spirit of competition. Being fit and the best you can be has nothing to do with age, it has everything to do with how you think. I love that & sitting in the boat paddling with this crew is truly a privilege.

From Judy C

2020 will be the 4th consecutive Club Crew Championship that SR C has qualified for and competed in representing FCRCC

From Karen L

Masters SrB Women a brand new team, of women from various backgrounds, teams, and experience after just 8 short months of paddling together won a
berth at Club Crews 2020, coming in 4th out of 15 teams in their age classification.  The goal with the program is to tie into and be contiguous with the existing
successful premier, and SrC programs. We are striving to create an additional team, SrA for Nationals 2021.

The SrB womens team also brought in over 20 new members to FCRCC and continues to bring in new members from various clubs in the Lower Mainland,
and most recently, one from Vancouver Island. Word is getting out!!!

From Sharleen,

Team Momentum had a successful year – 4 regattas and a healthy strong team.  Our main accomplishment is our new steers person, Lana Chow.
Lana has been paddling with the team for a few years and this year she stepped up as our steers person.  She took the course, got a few
coaching sessions during team practice and was regatta ready in time for Women’s in May! Over the summer her confidence – and voice – continued
to grow.  Our whole team appreciates having a reliable steers person and is very proud of her.

From Amy T

Starbucks Waverunners are proud of racing for the first time in Europe (Hannover, Germany) and participating in our first ever 4K race.

From Brian E

I’m proud of all the world competing we have been doing. I’m also proud of how the team supports ,and pushes each other to do better.