FCRCC Acknowledgement Award winners at the AGM

False Creek Racing Canoe Club Acknowledgement Awards

The strength of FCRCC resides in its volunteers, athletes and coaches.  These 2018 awards acknowledge the individuals and teams that contributed to the building of FCRCC champions.  The following members and teams were recognized by these awards at the FCRCC AGM.  Congratulations and a special thank you for your contributions which have made the FCRCC a better club.


Recognition of an individual’s contributions to FCRCC

Winner:    Patti Lawson

Patti was among four members that were nominated by the club.    She is being recognized for spending countless hours coaching various FCRCC teams and sharing her knowledge and expertise.  She organizes the entire FCRCC outrigger community which includes assigning boats for races and finding people to trailer the canoes to races.  Patti is an active talented paddler and


Inspiration to members to contribute their energy and time to the Club

Winner:  Sam Patton

 Sam was nominated in several categories.  He was nominated for recognition of his work with the maintenance and repair of our fleet of boats, maintaining, repairing, and re-arranging the storage areas, researching suppliers for new boats and parts for repairs. 

Responding to damage notifications, contracting with repair contractors, meeting such contractors, loading, transporting outboard motors, coach boats, paddling boats to repair shops and returning these assets back to the storage areas, negotiating with Vancouver Parks Board and First Nations on lease terms for storage areas including parking and water supply issues, arranging with transporters of new boats and attending to pick up of boats in the US and handling Customs Declarations and payments, seeking buyers and negotiating and meeting with buyers for Club boats that are being taken out of service, organizing storage area clean ups, attending and providing reports at FCRCC EXECUTIVE MEETINGS in addition to being a competitive dragon boat and Outrigger racer, Husband, Father and friend

These action items demand time away from personal and family time all of which Sam does because of his dedication to the FALSE CREEK RACING CANOE CLUB.


Creates a focus that enhances and encourages the principles and values of FCRCC

Winner:  Rick Walkey

Rick Walkey has paddled and steered for many teams and was a leader for the Grandragons dragon boat team, and continues to lead the Kupunas. He has been involved for a very long time, and been a member of FCRCC for possibly 20 + years. He was also a long-time member of the Senior C team and has represented our club proudly at many international events, both Outrigger and Dragonboat.

He continues to organize and support the Kupunas OC6 team and has been instrumental for the success of this team, with his positive attitude and leadership.

Preservation of Club History

 Winner:  Johnson Chu

 Johnson Chu (Mixed Distance) for spending hours to create an amazing video for FCRCC’s 30th anniversary showcasing the amazing history of the club and bringing back fantastic memories in all of us


Builds member pride in belonging to FCRCC

Winner:  Ron Chin

 Obviously, Ron Chin should be acknowledged for his endless dedication to the novice program. If ever there was an FCRCC champion, it is Ron 🙂 Not only does he volunteer 2 nights a week for four months, he promotes the club and the sport, and is very encouraging to new people. He is very happy if he can get them in a race within the first month, since his goal (and I think FCRCC’s goal) is to get people participating in races and showing up for the club.

Ron also is involved with assisting the FCRCC Executive with various projects and continues to be a valuable member of our club.


Recognition of a team’s contribution and leadership to FCRCC.

 Winner:  O2P

O2P – Long standing FCRCC team.  Last year presented FCRCC with the donation of a dragon boat.  The team made up of doctors, nurses, patients and stray paddlers.  They always welcome others on board to paddle when they have the space.  They have one of the longest paddling seasons being on the water in early February and late into the fall.  They have several paddlers sitting on the False Creek Community Centre board which does keep the FCRCC on their radar.  They represent FCRCC internationally, last year in Hong Kong and this year they are off to Penang.


Winner:  Lesley Rigby

Lesley is an amazing volunteer who steps up to take on all sorts of jobs from running the coach boat to being the Safety officer of her team.  She paddles in multiple disciplines and without being asked, always shows up to help in FCRCC events from March Madness, Halloween paddle and time trials.  She is a great volunteer and contributes to the principles of Ohana and the values of FCRCC.  Leslie invests her time to make the FCRCC a better place to paddle.