FCRCC Club Awards – It’s that time of year again!

FCRCC Club Recognition Awards  –  who do you want to recognize this year?

There are so many things on our mind right now.  Please stop for a couple minutes to consider those outstanding individuals at False Creek Racing Canoe Club who despite rain, sleet, snow and pandemics have shone through to make the FCRCC the place to be in these extreme times.

First let’s take a minute to recognize last year’s winners!

False Creek Racing Canoe Club – Club awards 2019

These are the categories of awards that are given to FCRCC members.

  1. Recognition of an individual’s contributions to FCRCC – PATTI LAWSON
  2. Inspiration to members to contribute their energy and time to the Club – JAYE KERZNER
  3. Creates a focus that enhances and encourages the principles and values of FCRCC – SAM PATTON
  4. Preservation of Club History – ANDREA DILLON
  5. Builds member pride in belonging to FCRCC – RON CHIN
  6. Recognition of a team’s contribution and leadership to FCRCC. RACE DEVELOPMENT – TANIFA
  7. Tam/Chin Award recognizes outstanding contribution and commitment to the False Creek Racing Canoe Club – GARY COHEN


Now it’s time to nominate members for this year. 

Please send your nomination for any of the above categories to:  admin@fcrcc.com

Put a brief note as to why you are choosing this individual or team for recognition

Please submit your nomination, no later than October 15, 2020