FCRCC is committed to protecting our paddling waters starting with the elimination of single use plastic bottles

False Creek Racing Canoe Club members spend many hours on the water.  We understand how important it is to keep our waters clean.  On November 12th the FCRCC Executive met and passed the following Resolution regarding the use of single use plastic bottles by its members:

Whereas:False Creek Racing Canoe club (FCRCC)is committed to promoting environmental sustainability which includes protecting our environment against one of the major pollutants namely plastics; Our environment includes our waters in which we practice and race and FCRCC storage facilities

Whereas, FCRCC must show leadership by being pro-active in protecting our environment; It Is Resolved by the Executive of the False Creek Racing Canoe Club as follows:


1.  It is strongly encouraged to not bring any single use plastic bottles to any activity of FCRCC, including without limitation, practices, races, regattas, meetings, Club promotions;

2. The Club will promote this resolution through its social media, website and notices posted at Alder Bay Storage Sheds, Burrard Compound and on our Bulletin Board

3. Moreover, for all FCRCC sponsored races and events, FCRCC will in its invitation advertisements, state FCRCC’s commitment to protecting our environment and specifically discouraging bringing single use plastic bottles.

4. All FCRCC organized races or regattas must plan for a drinking water supply.

Note to FCRCC Members-if you reuse your single use water bottles then please put your name on the bottle. This shows your teammates that you respect the Resolution and that you reuse your water bottle