March 16, 2020 10:30pm

Dear members,

With heavy hearts, the FCRCC Executive are announcing a temporary suspension of club operations including practices and events, effective 12:01am Tuesday, March 17th 2020 until March 31st, 2020 at the earliest.  This suspension means a postponement of all practices, events, and use of club equipment. The club’s executive will review the suspension of operations regularly and will provide frequent updates.

Events beyond the March 31st date, such as the Knockout and Women’s Regatta, are still being planned. Updates on those events will follow.

We make this announcement in unity with Dragonzone. A joint statement from both clubs is below.

While risk to British Columbians from COVID-19 remains low, FCRCC cannot provide guarantees that our efforts to sanitize club equipment and reduce crowding will protect club members.  As such, we have made this decision. The Executive is working to determine a method for access to private boats stored at FCRCC facilities and will communicate that to private boat owners as soon as possible.

We hope that in a few weeks’ time we can look back and see this decision as an overreaction or a wise choice, and not too little, too late.  As Canada moves to a period of social distancing, we encourage all members to check in on each other by phone or chat. Support each other – if friends or family are isolated at home, pitch in and make sure they’re cared for and that they know we all care.

We all share boats, water, and health.  Together we can flatten the curve.

Joint Statement Regarding COVID-19 Response
Dragon Zone Paddling Club and False Creek Racing Canoe Club

In the spirit of unity, Dragon Zone Paddling Club and False Creek Racing Canoe Club are announcing the following measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, effective immediately:

Dragon Zone Paddling Club

  • Practices, boat use, and dock access suspended immediately.  Scheduled reopening date on Tuesday, March 31. Please visit www.dragonzone.ca/alerts for further information.
  • Team orientations and coach boat orientations postponed until club reopening.

False Creek Racing Canoe Club

  • Practices and club boat use suspended immediately.  Scheduled reopening date on Tuesday March 31.
  • March Madness OC6 Regatta postponed to future date to be determined.  Please visit www.fcrcc.com for further information.

At this point, we are not aware of any members of the paddling community who have tested positive for the virus.  At this point, other events are not affected.

For further statements and additional information from each organization, please visit the following websites and contact the following details:

Dragon Zone Paddling Club

False Creek Racing Canoe Club

Email: info@fcrcc.com 604 684 7223