FCRCC Executive

Running for FCRCC Executive positions

The False Creek Racing Canoe Club’s Annual General Meeting is approaching.  This year has been exceptional in regard to the amount of change and challenges the club and all our members have faced.

The Club is looking for continued great leadership to assist us in meeting these challenges and implementing a shared vision that will make our Club strong and meet the needs of our members.

Being out on the water has been one of the most satisfying ways to thrive in this pandemic.  Let’s continue to make our Club the place to go to support each other, enjoy our sports and be ready for the time when we can all hop back in ALL our boats and compete locally and around the world………………..

Here is our ask.  For those FCRCC leaders out there, a good way to get through a long winter and beyond is to put your talents to good use.  We are seeking your expertise for the following Executive positions

Commodore – 2 year term
Secretary – 2 year term
Communications – 2 year term
Safety – 2 year term
Equipment – 2 year term

Please consider running for the FCRCC Board.  The duties of each of the Executive positions can be found on the FCRCC website at:  https://fcrcc.com/about/executive-committee/

If you are interested, please contact:  admin@fcrcc.com