FCRCC Grinch Photo Shoot – Oh what fun, it was to…….


FCRCC Grinch Photo Shoot

A great time was had by all!!  What a fun day it was with the Grinch!  The Grinch appeared at the False Creek Community Centre Santa party on Saturday, December 8th (thanks Sam) and held in for the photo shoot on December 9th (thanks Terry!)..

A special thank you to Kat, the flatwater gang and all the volunteers who built an amazing set.  Thank you to all the volunteers and participants on Saturday for the photo shoot!  Kevin, your photos turned out amazing!  It was inspiring about how all the dogs posed for the camera.  The owners didn’t do so bad either.  Another thank you for the camera shy people who showed up to make a donation.!

Finally, thank you to Jackie for suggesting this idea and making it happen.  It was fun to see the members from all disciplines involved!