Great job at unloading and rigging the Outrigger Canoes

First of all, thank you for getting crew mates out to help load and unload the boats we loaned for the Lotus Ice Breaker. Please pass on a big thank you to your crew members as well. We had a plenty of bodies to do the lifting and moving of boats at our compound both Thursday and Sunday and at Lotus on Saturday with those in the first and last heats. In addition, during boat re-rigging on Sunday it was great to see some folks try their hand at rigging for the first time. Sunday also provided an opportunity to watch or help with rope rigging of iakos to amas which doesn’t happen very often. Plus skirts were put on boats as well. Well done! I appreciate all the teamwork and also the opportunity for me, as outrigger rep, to meet more of our paddlers. I have attached a couple of photos from Sunday.