All Huki OC1s temporary removed from Service due to unreported damage!

URGENT MESSAGE – Damage to New Huki OCs & all Huki OC1s Temporary Removed from Service
Attention all FCRCC members: 

Thursday night, August 2nd damage to a Huki ama was reported by a club member looking to take the boat out.  The damage had not been reported at the time it happened by the person who caused the damage, accidentally or otherwise.

The Huki OCs are new and are a significant investment in the club’s fleet.  We have instituted an intensive orientation program to try to avoid damages like what occurred to the Huki #6.  Club members should know how to report damage to the fleet – it’s as simple as an email to our equipment coordinator. 
When damage is not reported and the boat not taken out of service, damage will be compounded and the lifetime of the boat will be significantly shortened.  Because of this damage, the Hukis need to be taken out of service to be inspected for additional damage.  We will also be instituting a sign-out system for the Hukis to ensure that use of the equipment is tracked and that damage is reported. 
While we understand that taking the Hukis out of service will cause an inconvenience for members, having them damaged so quickly and significantly after purchase is alarming and concerning.  That the damage was not reported is disappointing.  In order to protect club resources, we need all club members to step up, use equipment carefully, and report damage when it occurs.  Accidents happen, and if they are reported properly, then they can be avoided. 
We will communicate with members when the Hukis can be returned to service after their inspection and after the sign-out system has been implemented.
As a reminder, if any member notices any damage to any club equipment, whether they caused it or not, they must submit a damage report through our website: 
Damages or safety issues should also be reported to and
Sincerely yours, 
FCRCC Executive