Introducing Scootz – Remembering Jackie Webber

Introducing Scootz – Remembering Jackie

September 6th was a beautiful calm, balmy end of summer night.  That magic time of day that we who have paddled in Alder Bay know so well.  It was a perfect time to have the inaugural launch of Scootz, the V-1 that has now been added to the FCRCC V-1 fleet in memory of Jackie Webber.   Scootz was Jackie’s boat that has now been given to the FCRCC in her memory.  As we gathered to greet Scootz, on the dock, along the bay and on the water, it was also a time of quiet reflection with collective memories of Jackie, who meant so much to so many of us for so many reasons.  RIP Jackie.   We miss you.


“To see Scootz, she looks well-worn. However, I implore you to treat her like she is your own new canoe.  Rig her carefully, do not drag her along the dock.  Let’s keep her cared for.” – Kamini