PNWORCA FCRCC RACE – March 2, 2019



PNWORCA FCRCC RACE – March 2, 2019



Pull out your old jersey and wear your vintage clothes to the FCRCC PNWORCA race!


There will be a 5 kilometer short course and a 12 kilometer long course.  All craft will start at the same time for both the short and the long course but OC1s and V1s will have a slightly different start line.


Date:  Saturday, March 2, 2019

Race start time:  11:00 am

Registration opens at 9:30 am

Fees:  U26 $10 Canadian,  regular race fee is $20.00 Canadian

CORA insurance fee is $15.00 if you do not already have CORA annual insurance

Please pay CASH on race day


The short course starts on the North side of the mouth of False Creek, heads to the green can, left turn around green can, then to barge can, left turn around barge can, head towards red can, left turn around red can, and finishes at the Burrard compound dock.


The long course is the same as the short course, but after the red can, you head to a yellow bouy that was the start line, head towards yellow QC mark off of Stanley Park, (in line with the green can) and back with a left turn around the red can, and finish at the Burrard Dock.


Please Pre register so we know how many prizes, how much food and drinks we need etc.  It will also make registration quicker: