Sherry Hunt – Program Coordinator, FCRCC

The FCRCC executive are delighted to announce that Sherry Hunt is our club’s new Program Coordinator.

Sherry will be bringing her many talents, experiences, and interests to this important position. She has competed locally, nationally, and internationally in numerous paddling disciplines–with FCRCC and other clubs and with Team Canada–and has strong experience in coaching outrigger, kayak, and dragon boat.

A popular and respected strength and conditioning coach, she  has also had roles  as a Sport Performance Coordinator, an exercise therapist, and a post-secondary instructor.

Under the supervision of Dr. Don McKenzie, Sherry obtained her Master of Science in Kinesiology; her thesis focussed on the role exercise plays in the wellness of breast cancer survivors.

The hiring committee was impressed with Sherry’s background and her vision for how she will help build our programs and our club over the coming year.

View this utube video to learn more about our new Program Coordinator: