Competitive Programs

FCRCC’s Premier Dragon Boat team offers world-class coaching with top-level training, for athletes who are committed to competing at the highest level of dragon boat racing.  Please check it out at

FCRCC has developed a Masters Program for Men and Women, the False Creek Masters,  from the age of 39+.  This is to provide a seamless transition for all paddlers from Premier level through to Sr. C.
The Master’s Program is a high performance program with goals to attend Canadian Nationals Regattas, win placement for Club Crews and continue on to podium at Club Crew World Championships.  Nationals run on odd years every two years and Club Crews on even years every two years.
If you are willing to work hard both on and off the water, take your paddling to the next level, this is program for you.  Contact team
administrator, Liz Carter at this link

FCRCC has a Senior C competitive dragon boat team also with world-class coaching and results.   Senior C (age 60+).  For further information contact the Senior C team Board at this link