FCRCC Alii Challenge


Outrigger canoe racing is a major focus of FCRCC.  Club teams and individual members compete in long distance races throughout the region with great success as well as major international races in California and Hawaii.  In addition, outrigger has become an extremely popular cross-training tool for dragon boat paddlers.

FCRCC has a variety of outrigger programs, tailored for a wide range of paddlers – right from people new to the sport, up to experienced souls wanting to race internationally.

There is no set fee to join most of the Outrigger programs. If you are an FCRCC member, each program determines what fees are needed, for coaching and other shared expenses.

Links to the different programs are listed below; for more information please contact outrigger@fcrcc.com.

Boat Allocation Policy:  This policy applies to all FCRCC Outrigger Programs who request boats for races.