FCRCC Premier

FCRCC Premier is a dragon boat team that also trains and races OC-6. As such, our OC-6 training focuses on working toward a specific technical template that transitions well between dragon boat and outrigger.  Our level of abilities is diverse from dragon boat paddlers who are new to outrigger to outrigger World champions.  We are welcoming of non-dragon boat paddlers who wish to paddle OC-6 with us providing they are FCRCC members, come with significant prior OC-6 experience, support our culture and are accountable to attend practices they sign up for. Unfortunately, we do not have enough resources to welcome new outrigger paddlers who are not part of our dragon boat program. On some occasions, there will be practices where we can only include our dragon boat members.

Practice times:

  • Tuesday at 1745
  • Saturday at 0730

Location: FCRCC’s Burrard Civic Marina Compound

You can contact Daphne (taf1999@hotmail.com) for more information or send us a message via the follow link, to get more information and to see if you are a fit for this program: http://www.fcrccpremier.com/?page_id=4